Wednesday, April 2, 2014

3 Passes in 3 Weeks!

Jackson is on a roll! He’s passed organic pears, Ancients Harvest Quinoa Flakes and finally we had a clean, no teething Cheecha Puffs trial and they were a pass too. We are very excited about this as Cheecha Puffs are really the only textured food he can tolerate and HE LOVES THEM! Jack is still only really eating pureed foods at the age of 17 months.  This is not uncommon in FPIES children so on Monday we go back to our feeding therapist Jean in the big city.  Jean is great and has lots of great suggestions.  Jack has made progress since our last visit with her and they say slow and steady wins the race right?

Jack and Sean recovered from that terrible stomach bug and this week we are battling nasty colds, welcome spring – UGG. FPIES kiddos seem to get slammed when illnesses creep into the family.  Since the cause and general diagnostic guidelines are still being debated it’s unclear why illnesses are so tough for them.  They do know that FPIES is a t- cell response disease so the immune systems of these kids must often be compromised in some way. I don’t know, I’m certainly not a doctor but I listen to and talk with other moms of children with FPIES and we all seem to be saying the same things.

My ongoing life’s lesson this last month, it’s so important to have a sense of humor. FPIES of course isn’t funny, nothing about food allergies of any kind is funny at all, however my life with twin 17 month old boys – it’s pretty hilarious most days! The boys make me laugh all the time.  They are getting silly, coy and performing for attention. Being a mom is such a blessing.

So once these colds are gone it’s time for another food trial for Jack.  On the table is kale, grapes and raspberries, all organic of course. Not sure what order we will go in or if something we take precedence like a safe probiotic which I am currently researching.  If anyone out there in blog reading land knows of an excellent corn free, dairy free, gluten free infant/toddler probiotic, I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading friends! May all of your hearts be full, always.